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Exclusive Pool Tables from BUSCH BILLARDS

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Busch Billiards
Busch Billiards

Exclusive Pool Tables and Billiard Accessories from BUSCH BILLARDS

Choose from about 500 billiard tables variants !

Billiard tables - BUSCH BILLARDS has around 25 years experience for manufacture, supply and construction of Exclusive Billiard Tables. The wide range of customers are private clients, hotels, billiard clubs, golf clubs, billiard championships or youth centers.
The specialty of BUSCH BILLARDS are Modern and Classic Billiards - combinations of "Pool and Dining Room Tables" or "Pool and Office Tables" - for your home or your company. This convertible Billiard Tables are enjoying great popularity.
Futuristic Lifestyle- and Designer Pool Tables are produced not only in solid wood, but also in stainless steel or crystal glass by hand. There are Billiard Table variants for indoor and outdoor use. Billiard Tables in real leather or with handmade gold leaf ornaments are special showpieces of BUSCH BILLARDS.
For Pool, Snooker, Carom and Russian Pyramid is an extensive Billiard Table program to choose from. High-quality Cues from Lucasi and Players are permanently on stock, durable Billiard Cloth from Milliken and Artscape, as well as Modern Billiard Lamps in Italian design.
In the BUSCH BILLARDS Webshop you can buy comfortably at any time day or night securely. The Service Staff is supporting you by phone or in writing, and for many years skilled workers build your Billiard Table or the entire Billiard Room - not only in Germany but also in many EU countries.

The offer of BUSCH BILLARDS at a glance:

Exclusive Billiard Tables - the Pool Table as a Dining Table - the Pool Table as Office Furniture - Billiard Accessories - Queues of Lucasi and Players - Pool Table Moving inside of the EU - Pool Table Repair

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Mission to the Philippines

The idea of going on a dental volunteer trip has always been there and has always been one of the aspects of our profession that we at Riviera Dental Clinic value most, to help people that are in need. We never joined any organisation, rather we just contacted some people there privately and filled our suitcases with all instruments and anaesthetics that we could and headed off for a big adventure.

During our stay we treated 600 children in six intensive days. We helped them with new toothbrushes and toothpaste since they are hard to get in El Cuyo. El Cuyo is situated 28 hours' boatride from the mainland and the people there can't afford to get to a bigger city for medical and dental treatment. So they rely on these kind of help missions and sometimes have to wait in pain up to a year until someone comes and help them.

Our aim in Riviera Dental Clinic is to use one month of the year to go around in different parts of the world that are in need, to contribute with our help. We are now working on building an organisation with an internet webpage, so other dentists or sponsors can connect to us and help us with our future dental missions.

What is maybe most interesting for our patients is that a part of the money they spend on their teeth at Riviera Dental Clinic is used for these dental missions.

So when you have your treatment at Riviera Dental Clinic you know that you are also helping to make a difference.

Tel: 951 773 710, www.rivieradental.es, Avda de Golf, Centro Comercial 'La Plaza', Riviera del Sol, Complejo Saladito II, (behind OpenCore).